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These are the softest buttons I have ever found. The way they're sewn around nd the thread used makes them soft and does not allow for hypergranulation tissue around my daughter's g-tube. You can see the difference in sewing with the kind I purchased before. The pad with the flowers on it was so rough I had to stop using them.

Ian's are thinner, softer and bigger!

These are perfect. Half are light green and half are pinkish tan. They are really soft, easy to snap and unsnap, and absorb most of the drainage. They don't absorb quite as well as the gauze because they opening is a bit larger, but I prefer it because it doesn't stick my skin and hurt to remove like the gauze.

This is the best deal I've seen anywhere on G-tube pads, and I'm very impressed with the quality.

I purchased these Ian's Choice Organic Cotton Pads for Feeding Support Extra Soft and Absorbent for my fiancée. Unfortunately 6 years ago I had to get him a feeding tube. Since then he has dealt major burns around the feeding tube hole and has had to used different creams to heal the burn and oh how much pain he has had to endure. Since he had been using these pads he just loves them. He was using gauze and paper tape but constantly getting a burn around the whole. Not with these pads. The are soft, they leave the area so that it is breathable so there is no moisture behind the gauze. He is really happy about this.

This is one less pain he has to deal with.

My husband recently got a feeding tube. I was looking for gauze to put under it but came across this product. They are soft with a slight cushion. My husband prefers them to the gauze. When his nurse saw them, she was so impressed. They even have have a little snap which keeps it in place.

Best of all you can wash them and use them over again.

About us

We are a small family owned business in Chicago

Established in 2018, we've done thousands of experiments and tried over 1200 fabric samples to create the best, most comfortable organic cotton pads and products. We worked tirelessly through over 100 cutting methods and chose to have our pads manually stitched to make sure they are the best quality and comfort that fits our customer’s needs.

We do this because we love our customers and want them to feel the love in our products that help make a difficult situation just that little bit better.  

Our goal: your comfort, your happiness, because everyone deserves tubeloved.

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